About Ann Lue-Brown

grad 2011 023

My name is Ann Lue-Brown, immigrant from Jamaica with a background in the travel industry, on a new career path into Early Childhood Leadership. I initially started on this path as an alternative to working in travel because I wanted to have a sense of satisfaction from my job, other than just making an income.  It has not been easy transitioning to a new career with also studying full time working on my Early Childhood Leadership degree.

After having children and now studying how they develop and learn, I realize that positive parenting has a tremendous effect on whether a child is successful or not. You can make the difference in your child’s life which carries repercussions through the fabric of time forever. If you are not a parent but have access to young children in an influential way, make it count!

If you are a teacher or educator of any kind, you too have an obligation to the children in your care. As depicted in one of our class videos, we hold children’s dreams in our hands, and we determine if those dreams are going to be given wings to fly through our nurturing, or crushed by careless indifference.

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